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            High Speed ​​Doors-PVC Rolling Door Curtain

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            High Speed Doors-PVC Rolling Door Curtain

            WDMY high-speed self-repairing roll-up door provides a solution for the division of work areas, both indoors and outdoors, with high traffic of people and vehicles requiring rapid opening and closing maneuvers. Thanks to its self-repairing function, if it receives a blow, the canvas comes out of the guides without suffering any damage, and immediately afterwards, it flies to its original position to continue working as normal. The self-repairing doors are made to measure and have a wide variety of RAL colors to meet the needs of each client, as well as multiple optional features: additional peepholes, customized corporate tarpaulins, different opening and closing options. ADVANTAGES HIGH SPEED SELF-REPAIRING ROLL-UP DOOR These are some of the advantages of the Kavidoors high-speed self-repairing door: Closing with climatic and sanitary guarantees by using a system of tarps without reinforcements and a hermetic guide. Opening and closing with speed variator. Maximum opening speed of 1.2 m / s. Durability: Kavidoors high speed doors are made of high quality materials, offering great resistance and durability. Safety: it meets the safety standards required under the EN13241-1 standard and complies with class 3 for wind resistance. The motor complies with the DIN-EN 12453 standard for “Industrial, Commercial and Garage Doors. Easy assembly: easy programming and regulation, as well as low maintenance. Self-repairing system. Door pre-installed and with all the hardware.

            What is the  feature of high speed cold storage freezer door?

            1Special Automatic Heating design is special for the rail frozen caused by heat exchanging based on the high speed door many cycles operation every day, also it ensures the door’s stable operation and efficient . At the same time, it is ok to choose the optional special equipment to expand the working rang between 1 to -28
            2Double Drum lifting
            3Everbesten OEM Prducts
            4Opening Max Speed: 0.6-1.2m/s (adjustable)
            5Closing Min Speed: 0.6m/s (adjustable)
            6Curtain : The curtain has its own thermal insulation PU foam layer, the total thickness is 3mm. The curtain raw material finally is the total thickness after processing is about 14MM.
            7Track : The zipper is made of polymer material and the frame is made of stainless steel SUS304.
            8Door component insulation protectionThe control box and other components must meet IP64 or above, and suit for the national electrical safety standards, even in harsh environments can be waterproof and dust-proof.
            9Control system : German Grand
            10Based on the frequency conversion technology of the German Grand Industrial Door Drive System, the door body runs extremely smoothly and solves the problem of dry sound of the door during operation. At the same time, the endless buffer technology protects the reducer and the brake pad more effectively, especially the protection of the speed reduction mechanism is most prominent.
            11Manually open : When the power is off, the motor brake can be turned on to open the door manually, effectively solving the problem of affecting the use due to power failure.
            12Sealing performance : The structural design and application of the top seal and the bottom seal of the door body can effectively isolate the air pressure convection on both sides of the door body, further strengthen the airtight performance and reach the national standard level wind resistence level 8
            13safety equipment : A pair of infrared radiation devices are installed on both sides of the door. After the infrared radiation is sensed to the obstacle during the descending process of the door, a feedback signal is sent to the control system to automatically open the door to the door opening position,thereby real-time protection.
            14Open control : Control cabinet operation interface button control. Optional control methods: radar, geomagnetic ring sensing, Bluetooth radio, remote sensing, cord switch and many other (optional) methods

            Insulation Material Show:



            Door curtain show:




            Whole Door Details Show:



            What is the detail to support the door smooth operation?



            Out Performance with 304 SUS as rail, shaft cover to meet the clean room application

            2Anti Button to avoid the curtain came out caused by wind resistenance
            3Self -Repair function to avoid the hittting of the forlift
            4Absolute encoder is to confirm the position based on memory although power off and power on
            5Bottom beam has the shoulder protection
            6Safety photo cell is to avoid the door run down to touch the object and keeps safety

            The opening speed is 1.6-2.4 M / s, and the closing speed is 1.2 m / s. The world patented rack and pinion technology not only ensures the extremely high opening speed, but also the closing speed of 1.2 m / S is the higher closing speed of the zipper fast rolling door industry. Safety performance: the bottom of the curtain is equipped with a pressure sensor, the contact object rebounds immediately, and the PVC soft air bag is used, so there is no risk of injury. Door opener: the motor driven by frequency converter can ensure the smooth operation of the door (optional servo or asynchronous motor). The technology can ensure the door to start and stop slowly, thus greatly extending the life of the motor. The curtain has good tensile strength of - 3500 / 600 mm, high warp / weft resistance, and high abrasion resistance. It can be used for: cold storage (cold storage thickened PVC, low temperature resistance 40 ℃) / workshop / automatic channel / equipment multi door interlock: the control system can simultaneously interlock 16 zipper type fast rolling shutter doors, According to the requirements of customers will develop tailored solutions. Extremely long service life: the service life of the door is at least one million closing cycles. In fact, some of them have reached seven or eight million times. According to the daily use frequency of 700-800 times, the service life of anti-collision repair rolling shutter door is at least 5 years. The opening mode of new anti-collision repair rolling shutter door can be selected: geomagnetic / Radar / voice control / pull rope / remote control / access control and other new anti-collision repair rolling shutter doors are suitable for: internal doors of plant, cold storage, logistics channel, clean room workshop

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            F A Q
            1. What's the payment details?
            Deposit before production, and balance before shipment.

            2. What's the delivery time?
            For common order, about 7 days only.

            3. What about the warranty for the doors?
            We provide 12 months warranty for all doors and accessories.When the product quality appear.

            4. Do you provide OEM Service?
            Yes. OEM & ODM Service is ok for us.

            5. What's the MOQ?
            We accept 1 set as sample order.

            6. How about the package?
            Plywood case or Cardboard, suitable for sea freight or air freight, as your request.



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